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How sustainable is your solar passive house?

Posted on 17 June 2011 by Alex Bruce

So you've worked hard with solar passive design concepts to achieve an 8 or 9 star rated house and you feel comfortable you won't be needing any air-conditioning. You've got layers of insulation, double glazed windows, they are in the right spots to keep the sun out in summer and let it in during winter, you can make use of the lovely cooling breeze, and it's so air tight you could take it to Mars and be comfortable. You've also dropped a massive polished concrete slab on the ground for thermal mass, keeping things nice and warm in winter. You've then complemented the lovely house with a lovely solar hot water system (perhaps Australian made) and maybe even some solar photovoltaic power panels.

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What Can I Do?

Posted on 7 May 2011 by Anne Young

What can I do to reduce my carbon footprint? There has been much talk and public debate about taxes, trading schemes, emission cuts and jobs lost or gained. Putting all that aside, what role can each individual play in reducing one’s carbon footprint?

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Climate Change and Voicing Values in the Workplace

Posted on 31 March 2011 by Mark Edwards

There is a fundamental fault line that runs through the heart of the climate change issue in Australia.  Privately, we take it seriously while publicly we do almost nothing. The horrendous floods that we have witnessed in many states in recent months provide a glimpse of the social, environmental and economic impact that climate change is having on the Australian economy and a foretaste of perhaps even worse things to come. And yet organisations, including governments and corporate businesses, seem incapable of developing an adequate response to the problem.  The Gillard government’s extraordinary proposal of reducing climate change funding to pay for flood damage is an example of the fickle nature of government views on this issue.  The lack of any substantive alternative policies concerning climate change issues from the conservative opposition speaks of their completely inadequate understanding of the level of scientific knowledge on the topic. 

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