Indigenous Cultures

Indigenous Heritage: Case Studies in Western Australia

Posted on 27 September 2012 by Carmen Lawrence

One of the common tactics used by both corporations and governments to gain the consent of Indigenous people to the destruction of their heritage is to “divide and conquer”, as the Fortescue Mining Group has done to the Yindjibarndi people of Roebourne and the W.A government has done in the Kimberley. 

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The State of Indigenous Inheritance

Posted on 25 September 2012 by Carmen Lawrence

The progressive, cumulative destruction of Indigenous cultural resources as a result of the cumulative impact of individual development was highlighted in the 2011 recent State of the Environment (SOE) report[1], largely ignored by the mainstream media. In the chapter on heritage, two main threats to Indigenous heritage were identified: the disruption of knowledge and culture and the disturbance and destruction of sites due to urban expansion and resource extraction. 

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Development at any price? The case of Australia’s Indigenous heritage

Posted on 21 September 2012 by Carmen Lawrence

This is the first of a series of three posts addressing issues surrounding Australia's indigenous heritage. The content is based on the 2012  John West Oration to the Launceston Historical Society given by the author.

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