Michael Wood

Michael Wood is Anglican Chaplain to UWA and works in private practice as a coach supporting leaders and organisations in developing sustainability. Prior to his work in the church Michael worked in Human Resource Management and the Australian Merchant Navy. Michael is married and has teenage children which has intensified his concern for the future of our planet. He has learned that it is very hard to grow vegetables in Perth sand, but he persists. He has degrees in Business and Theology.

Blog Posts

Climate and Lent

Posted on 28 February 2012 by Michael Wood

A few years ago I was standing next to a colleague preparing for Sunday church. Someone had just come in and asked us, as the leaders of the service, to ‘pray for rain’ for farmers who, at that stage, were experiencing a protracted drought. Now while I generally encourage people to pray for whatever they want, my colleague was insightful when he later quipped to me, ‘rather than praying for rain we ought to be praying for repentance’. He’d hit the nail on the head in the sense that prayer is really, first and foremost, about changing the human mind and heart rather than trying to change the mind of God (as if God arbitrarily interferes with nature anyway).

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The Sabbath as the basis for an environmental theological ethic

Posted on 12 September 2011 by Michael Wood

A few months ago I attended the formal launch and information session, at UWA, for this blog site that you are reading. One of the speakers introduced a perspective on the whole conversation around energy use and climate change which I found challenging and helpful. The essential argument, if I understood correctly, is that introducing more renewable energy into the system is not, of itself, going to resolve climate and other sustainability challenges, unless there is, at the very least, a corresponding reduction in energy production from all sources.

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