Helen Camakaris

Helen Camakaris obtained her Ph. D. in 1975 in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Melbourne, where she then continued working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. She became an Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow in 2008, and since then she has been writing popular science addressing the role of evolution and psychology in climate change and sustainability.

Blog Posts

Wanted: leader with a vision for a sustainable future

Posted on 1 September 2013 by Helen Camakaris

A sustainable future remains within our grasp but - thanks to the way human brains work - only governments can implement many of the necessary strategies. Our political leaders have a unique responsibility.

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Don't trust your Stone Age brain: it's unsustainable

Posted on 20 March 2013 by Helen Camakaris

Cognitive dissonance is that uncomfortable feeling we have when we know we should invest in solar panels but the 46″ wide screen TV wins out; we know we should catch the bus but we take the car anyway. It’s that sense of discord that arises when emotion and reason don’t get along. And unfortunately, it’s alive and well, sabotaging the climate change debate.

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