Briony Swire

Briony Swire is a doctoral candidate with the University of Western Australia's Cognitive Science Laboratories. Her research investigates what drives belief in inaccurate information, why certain individuals are predisposed to refrain from belief change even in the face of good corrective evidence, and how corrections can be designed to maximize impact.

Swire was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in order to collaborate with researchers in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's political science department on the processing of political misinformation.

Blog Posts

Qualifying the Familiarity Backfire Effect

Posted on 20 June 2017 by Briony Swire

With ‘fake news’ fast becoming a global issue, the ability to effectively correct inaccurate information has never been more pertinent. Unfortunately, the task of correcting misinformation is far from trivial. In many instances, corrections are only partially effective and people often continue to rely on outdated information. This is known as the continued-influence effect, and it has been of great interest for cognitive psychology, political science, and communication studies.

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