Peter McMahon

Peter McMahon is a lecturer in Sustainable Development in the School of Sustainability, Murdoch University. Dr McMahon has published on various topics, including global political economy, technological change and sustainable development. His book Global Control: Information Technology and Globalisation since 1845 was published in the UK in 2002, and more recently the monograph titled Special Report: Development and Sustainability in WA 1829-2020 appeared at the end of 2009. He has been writing lately on the matter of sustainable development of WA in online and local media.

His core interests are analysing modern socio-economic and technological systems with a view to improving sustainability. Although now an academic and writer, he has been an activist in relation to environmental, social justice and peace issues in the past and he maintains an activist attitude.

Blog Posts

Australia's West in 2031

Posted on 28 November 2011 by Peter McMahon

I was recently asked to talk about Western Australia in 2031 focussing on climate change. Before I spoke on this topic I made two important points: firstly, that due to the convergence of various critical trends at the global scale, it is difficult to make any kind of reasonable guess for 2020, let alone 2031; and secondly, even a future without global warming or peak energy promises to be scary because of these trends.

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