Adam McHugh

Adam is a Lecturer in the School of Engineering and Energy at Murdoch University.

Adam teaches courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at Murdoch University’s School of Engineering and Energy. These include Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Greenhouse Accounting and Lifecycle Assessment, and Advanced Energy Policy: Electricity Market Reform. 

His responsibilities also include supervision of postgraduate research students working towards the publication of their theses and dissertations.

More information on Adam’s role at Murdoch can be found here.

Adam has qualifications in economics, mathematics and statistics.  His current research is focused on economic input-output based modelling of the product price inflation that may result from a carbon tax in Australia and statistical modelling of supply and demand relationships within the Western Australian electricity market.

Blog Posts

Greenhouse gas emission pricing, tax cuts and economic growth in Australia

Posted on 11 July 2011 by Adam McHugh

One of the most studied topics in the field of economics is the impact of a per-unit tax when it is applied to one product and not to others.  It is well understood that such a tax increases the costs of production for the taxed product thereby leading to an increase in its price.  This discourages demand for the taxed product while encouraging the consumption of alternatives.

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